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Life with Organization XIII

What happens when you put a video camera in a diabolical, mysterous organization's hideout? Why, moronic, crazy, stuff of course! Live from Kingdom Hearts, with your hosts, Sora, Kairi, and Riku, check out life with Organization XIII!

Age: 15 Likes: Kairi, Pookie, cheesecake Dislikes: Roxas

Ex-host of the show, Sora now is forced to live with the disorderly, chaotic Organization XIII. Childish and sometimes stupid, Sora secretly has a lust for money and power and always is in charge of the casts' expenses. (Much to Xemnas's dislike) His best friend is his stuffed cat Pookie, whom he doesn't know is secretly a living doll with plans for world domination.

Age: 15 Likes: Shopping, other girl stuff... Dislikes: Sora and Larxene

Another Ex-host, Kairi is one of the few sane cast members. She used to like Sora, only now with his ego in the show, she hates him more and more. Ignoring Riku's flirting, Kairi really likes noone but Roxas.

Age: 16 Likes: Kairi, Kairi, and Kairi Dislikes: Stabby-stabby

An ex-host, Riku now lives with the cast. Emo and negative, Riku always looks down on everyone and hates people. (Except Kairi) For some reason, Zexion seems to want to repeatedly kill him.

Age: Unknown Likes: Cheesecake Dislikes: All of humanity

Sora's stuffed cat, Pookie is a doll bent on world domination. Even though people can understand hm, noone listens to him or takes him seriously. Pookie tries hard to kll and/or get away from Sora, but Sora's love is just too damn tight!

I- Xemnas
Age: 47 Likes: Nothing Dislikes: His organization

Xemnas, leader of the Organization, is the one who puts everyone in line. His leadership is often overviewed (cough Mansex) and Sora many time, argues with him on deciding things.

II- Xigbar
Age: 44 Likes: Hanging upside down Dislikes: Gravity

Xigbar is unique in which he is always on the ceiling(Yes, even when hes outside). Noone has ever seen him on the floor and several attempts have been made to get him down, none successful. Xigbar excels in sniping, surfing, and jogging. (<~~ what the hell?)

III- Xaldin
Age: 43 Likes: Manga, spears, the number 6 Dislikes: Emo people

Xaldin is basically the guru of the Organization. If anyone seeks advice, they go to him. Xaldin also likes manga, and hates it when anything he owns is not in a quantity of six.

IV- Vexen
Age: 42 Likes: Ice, Snow, Kittens Dislikes: Marluxia. ALOT.

Vexen is the scientist (sometimes mad scientist). He harbors a deep decret from his college years he is keen to keep undercover. Vexen loves the cold weather and is annoyed by Marluxia everyday. He is often mistaked for a girl. (I can see why)

V- Lexeaus
Age: 40 Likes: Steroids Dislikes: Weaklings, kittens

Lexeaus is a silent, strong man who hardly ever appears in the comic due to him being the least popular Organization Member.(HA!)It is clear, though, he takes steroids and someday will explode due to Vexen's constant experimintation on him.

VI- Zexion
Age: 19 Likes: Bein emo Dislikes: Everything. EVERYTHING.

Zexion is the emo kid, just as emo as can be. Long hair, eye shadow. Yup its all there. Zexion owns a Death Note, which he uses to punish tose who are mean to him. He is constantly chasing Riku, hoping to get his last name.

VII- Saix
Age: 27 Likes: His claymore, sleeping, the moon Dislikes: Bombs

Saix is the constant butt of jokes due to his easy angering. Saix has been suggested to go to Anger Management multiple times, but he just stabs whoever says it. When not under the influence of "beserkness", Saix is usually calm and obidient. Fun Fact: June 28 is National Saix Hunting Day

VIII- Axel
Age: 23 Likes: Roxas, fangirls, guns, hats Dislikes: classical music

Axel's role in the Organization is to apprehend any and all dangerous subjects that pose a threat to the Organization. (That means shooting people, WHEEE!!!) Axel is constantly hitting on Roxas and always tries to spend time with him. Axel hates it when others get attention and pushes them out of the spotlight. (Or shoots them)

IX- Demyx
Age: 21 Likes: Music Dislikes: The Man(Thats 1960's slang for police)

Demyx is the musician of the cast. His concerts always sell out and he has millions of fans. Because of this, Axel is alwas jealous of him. He is the leader of a band made up of him, Roxas, Axel, Zexion, and Marluxia, called XIII Oatmeal. (Dude, don't ask.)

X- Luxord
Age: 24 Likes: Gambling, money Dislikes: Saix

Luxord is a gambler at heart, putting game rules into his own life values. Luxord is the Organization treasurer, and yet all of themoney they make mysteriously disappears. (You can add 2 and 2) Luxord has a deep dislike for Saix after the most recent Saix Hunt. (78th if I'm sure.) XI- Marluxia
Age: 25 Likes: Men? Dislikes: Nothing. He's such a pansy to have courage to hate anything.

Marluxia is the wielder of a deadly sycthe, bringing the powers of death to the human world and instantly turning all opponents to ash... But that doesn't stop him from being the fruitiest member of the Organization. Marluxia believes he is not gay, that he just thinks he should view men as others would view women. He seemingly takes a liking to Vexen. It is unknown whether his feeling is more than friendship...

XII- Larxene
Age: 20 Likes: AXEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Kairi Dislikes: The rest of the cast

Larxene, being the only woman in the castle up until recently, is constantly bothered by the other members, who are very astounded by the fact shes a girl. After Larxene meets Kairi, she finally finds a friend, but Kairi is very, VERY annoyed by her. Her obsession with Axel is her life's purpose and probably the only thing keeping her from suicide.

XIII- Roxas
Age: 15 Likes: Hard to decide, theres so many things he hates Dislikes: Axel, Sora, and the rest of the cast

Another one of the only sane members, Roxas is constantly trying to avoid Axel's advances and schemes. He and Sora are always arguing, as Sora believes Roxas is just another cosplayer of him. Roxas enjoys long walks on the beach and playing video games. Too bad Axel won't let him date.


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